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Auto Insurance Company




Auto insurance quotes and Automobile Company go hand in hand. You cannot buy a new vehicle without an Auto Insurance and Auto Insurance is mandatory for every vehicle whether new or a vehicle bought through second sale.





Many Automobile companies inorder to generate sales of their vehicles, provide free Insurance cover for the vehicle for the first year. In such cases, you will have to check for cheapest Auto Insurance companies after completion of the first year of driving the vehicle.





Once the year is complete, you can contact many insurance companies and ask them to provide you with auto insurance quotes for your vehicle. The quote is based on the depreciated value of your vehicle after the first year of usage. Some companies would prefer to have a personal look at your vehicle before providing a quote. This is to ensure whether the vehicle is in good condition or an accident vehicle.





To find cheap insurance companies, you will have to take at least four or five different quotations from various insurance companies. The value of your vehicle must remain same for all the quotes. Some insurance companies charge 3% of the value of the vehicle, while other companies charge 4% or more. Based on this simple calculation you will know the insurance cover for your vehicle. There are few categories in insurance like, Full Insurance cover & Third party cover. To know more about each insurance cover, you can log on to Google and find out about these insurance covers.

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